fabrication services

Laser Cutting

With both Fiber and CO2 Trumpf lasers, Olympic Industries has the ability to provide high quality and consistent laser cut carbon and stainless steel parts from 22GA to 1″ thick.


Skilled craftsmen and women lead the charge for high quality welded parts using welding technology spanning MIG, TIG, SPOT, and STUD. For highly repetitive parts, Olympic Industries also employs the use of robotic welding cells featuring MIG and TIG capabilities. 


Utilizing CNC turret punching technology, Olympic Industries has the ability to offer quality assured parts requiring perforated patterns or die specific shapes in carbon, stainless, galvanized or aluminum from 22GA to 10GA thick.


Employing CAD/CAM software, an on-staff engineer, and experienced supervisors, Olympic Industries is capable of providing turnkey solutions from paper napkin drawing to finished part.


With 13+ precision forming machines ranging in size and tonnage, along with an extensive library of tooling, Olympic Industries can produce parts large or small with repeatable accuracy up to 3/4″ thick. 


A full machine shop, multiple types of cleaning and finishing equipment, and dedicated assembly team ensures that every part that leaves our ready to drop into each customer’s production process. Olympic Industries is proud to have trusted local partners in the coating space to offer complete parts.




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